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I’ve been so immersed in making work and meeting deadlines I forgot I have a blog!

I finally finished the Radical Elements piece and shipped it off to SAQA. We’re not allowed to show the complete work until after the show opens (next April!) so here is a peek at a detail. (If you go to the link you can read details about the concept of the Radical Elements exhibit.)

Hall Chloros detail blog

My element is chlorine and my piece is titled “Chloros”.

Because Chloros can’t be folded or rolled I made a custom travel case for it. I could have at least shown you my awesome travel bag, but in my haste to ship I completely forgot to take any pictures of it – dang!

I keep telling myself I’m going to stop pressuring myself with deadlines. So of course while in the thick of Chloros work I committed to another show.

Next up is the Hilltop Art Exhibition and Sale. I’m not feeling terribly pressured about this show because I have completed work ready to go. I did want to add some new inventory though, so I’ve been making a few new Birds & Nests the past two weeks.

Here’s one of them . . . . .

Winter Nest Hilltop 2013 blogWinter Nest  5" x 7" textile collage  © 2013 Martha C. Hall


Until next time –

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