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More Deadlines?

I’ve been so immersed in making work and meeting deadlines I forgot I have a blog!

I finally finished the Radical Elements piece and shipped it off to SAQA. We’re not allowed to show the complete work until after the show opens (next April!) so here is a peek at a detail. (If you go to the link you can read details about the concept of the Radical Elements exhibit.)

Hall Chloros detail blog

My element is chlorine and my piece is titled “Chloros”.

Because Chloros can’t be folded or rolled I made a custom travel case for it. I could have at least shown you my awesome travel bag, but in my haste to ship I completely forgot to take any pictures of it – dang!

I keep telling myself I’m going to stop pressuring myself with deadlines. So of course while in the thick of Chloros work I committed to another show.

Next up is the Hilltop Art Exhibition and Sale. I’m not feeling terribly pressured about this show because I have completed work ready to go. I did want to add some new inventory though, so I’ve been making a few new Birds & Nests the past two weeks.

Here’s one of them . . . . .

Winter Nest Hilltop 2013 blogWinter Nest  5" x 7" textile collage  © 2013 Martha C. Hall


Until next time –

Flora & Fauna

Fiber Art Now magazine put out a call for entry via Facebook not too long ago. The call was for images to be included in a "gallery" spread on the pages of their Summer 2013 issue with the theme, "Flora & Fauna".

Having recently completed "Metamorphosis" I sent along the image and the required info and it was accepted for inclusion!

Metamorphosis full blog

"Metamorphosis" 32" x 11"  ©2013 Martha C. Hall

So, admittedly, I eagerly awaited the delivery of the latest issue to my mailbox last week. It arrived on Friday and here is the gallery spread of 18 diverse techniques and pieces of art. I'm delighted to be included!

FiberArtNow Summer 2013-1From Fiber Art Now, Summer 2013, pages 52 - 53


FiberArtNow Summer 2013-2From Fiber Art Now, Summer 2013, pages 54 - 55


Here is the cover of the latest issue so you know what to look for. It's available at Barnes & Noble bookstores and you can still recieve it in your mailbox if you subscribe now.

FiberArtNow Summer 2013 Cover


Until next time -


We artists are now preparing for a new exhibit at TraillWorks Gallery in Newton NJ. The title of the show is “EVOLUTION”. Here is a description of the concept from the TraillWorks website

TraillWorks is taking an entirely new approach to our first exhibit of 2013. Throughout the month of January artists have been coming in to TraillWorks with their materials and creative minds to start and complete the process of making a work(s) of art. As each artist completes his/her piece, it will be immediately hung on the wall.

This "evolution" will be completed at the end of January, and will then be on display for one month's time. The formation of the exhibit will emerge over time and essentially be curated on its own terms. This experimental progression of artists creating work in the TraillWorks gallery/studio space will result in an entire body of work titled, EVOLUTION.”

I’ve been working at the gallery one day a week, usually alongside one or more of the other TraillWorks artists. And just so you know, I’m doing a lot of the work at home, too. I’ll be at the gallery next week on Thursday afternoon, January 24th. Come on by!

A closing reception will take place on February 23rd from 5:00 – 8:00

Here is a look at how my piece is evolving – and it is truly evolving as I have no idea what the end product will be.

Pink and Purple flowers blog     Orange wired flowers blog

I started by making multiples of the various elements. The centers of these are cut from the flower pictures on plant tags. I drill small holes around the edge and loop craft wire to create the circular shapes. I’m calling them flowers. And because I’ve decided that they’re “flowers” that leads to some ideas of what I might make with them. A garden, I think……..

Stay tuned ----


Double Talk at PNQE

Here I am with my QR quilt, "Double Talk" at the recent Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. (Gotta love that show name!)

Martha with Double Talk at PNQE blog

What a thrill for me to take a First Place in the Innovative Quilt category! The show took place in Oaks, PA on September 13 - 16, 2012.

I drove down with some friends on the Saturday to see the show and, of course, get my picture taken with the quilt and ribbon.

I was able to speak with a good number of people about the quilt and what it means. It surprises me that many people still do not know about QR codes! But I'm happy to explain it and to talk about my work. Many people, though, did know what is was and were pulling out their smart phones to see what was within. Some of the more interested viewers were a couple of men (there with their wives) who thought the quilt was totally cool. I think they really dig the tech aspect of it.

Now, in case you don't know about QR codes there is a brief explanation of them here. My artist's statement about "Double Talk" can be found in this blog post. This QR quilt is "readable" (even from the computer screen) if you download a QR code reader app to your smart phone. Google "QR code reader" and you will find a selection of reader apps to download, all of which are free.

The best part of this whole experience has been that my friends were as excited about my win as I was!

Until next time -

P.S. How's this for some double talk --- Diametrically Incongruous Contradictory Double Talk


There is an exhibit of my work going on right now at a local restaurant. Krave Cafe is an upscale restaurant in Newton, NJ - our County Seat. In addition to their fabulous food they are known for exhibiting the work of area artists.

I understand that I am the first textile/quilt artist to exhibit there. Exciting! My work will be hanging until October 31, 2012.

I have two large quilts hanging in the main dining room, and I think they really show well on those walls. There is sort of an 'annexed' dining area beyond the main room with a 14-foot gallery wall. On this wall are displayed 12 framed textile collages.

I made several new pieces just for the Krave exhibit, including these pieces that I call "Jewels". They are sparkly and colorful and beautiful. They look like a collection of little jewels. They are made with fabric and plastic credit cards and beads. These pieces are all 5"x7" and framed in 8"x10" shadow box frames. This is just a sampling.....

Emerald 5"x7"       ©2012 Martha C. Hall

Amethyst 5"x7"       ©2012 Martha C. Hall

Carnelian 5"x7"       ©2012 Martha C. Hall

Pearl 5"x7"       ©2012 Martha C. Hall

I've been using credit cards as an art material for awhile now. I initially started collecting them to use for color and shape, but then the fact that they are credit cards added another level of meaning to the work. Some of my quilts using credit cards have a social or political idea about them.

For "Jewels" I wanted to revert to the idea of just using the credit cards for color and shape. Even though these small pieces have a beauty about them, I realized that the inference of credit cards as "jewels" went further than just pretty. What do we hold dear and precious? What is of value to us, prized above all?

If you live in the area, pay a visit to Krave for some fine dining and art viewing! Call 973-383-2600 for a reservation and BYOB.

Until next time -

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