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I’m still working on my Radical Elements piece.

I laid out all the cut up pieces of credit cards and now I’m “stitching” them together with wire. Very much like a scrappy patchwork quilt only not fabric and thread.

As with hand piecing and quilting it is a time intensive process. Because I’m working with a deadline I’m keeping track of my studio hours so I can gauge how long this will take me. (Actually, I keep track of my studio hours on every project – helps me with pricing, time spent, etc.)

As soon as I started “stitching” this I thought, “Oh, crap! This is going to take forever!”  The reality is, there are a finite number of pieces to be joined together, which means it absolutely can get done. I just want to have an idea of how long it will take so I can sleep a little easier.

I marked my board into thirds so I have benchmaks along the way. It's a little easier to envision reaching the pink arrows than all the way down to the blue arrows!

By the Numbers blog
ink arrows - a third of the way there          Blue arrows - the end in sight

Here’s how it looks By The Numbers, 1/3 of the way so far . . . . .


Total Hours spent            25

# of days worked             6 out of the last 8

Average work day           4 hours 10 minutes

Longest studio day          6 hours 30 minutes

Shortest studio day         2 hours 40 minutes

# of 18” strands of wire (standard cut)      32

Feet of wire used               48 feet

Square Inches complete    264 sq. in.

Average time to determine stitch path, drill holes for wire, and stitch an 18” piece of wire   45 minutes


Twenty five hours in the studio is a productive work week for me. So, I figure two more weeks to get this entire thing pieced together and that doesn’t include constructing the additional layers that are going to be part of it. And somewhere in the middle of that I’m throwing a birthday bash for my old man who turned 60 this month!!

Slow and steady . . . . .

Until next time -

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