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"Double Talk"  66.5" x 66.5"   ©2011  Martha C. Hall


Much of my work in quilts uses the grid as a base. The grid is a soothing and predictable structure for organizing my thoughts and imagery.

I was immediately attracted to QR codes upon first seeing them. What are they? What do they do?

The attraction may have initially been to the grid structure, but also to the mystery of what was contained within the code. It seemed a natural transition to render the QR grid as a quilt. QR could very well stand for “Quilt Related”, although it actually means “Quick Response”.

Many artists, myself included, have used text imagery in their work. I like text because it is a visual representation of thoughts, ideas, and stories.  The QR code enables me to embed text in my art in a different way. There is some mystery to it and one needs to know what the code is and how to access it to read the message. If or when QR codes become obsolete the literal message reverts to mystery, but the gridded formatting of color, line, and movement remains intact to stand on its own visually.

“Double Talk” is constructed from hand-dyed fabrics. The machine quilting alludes to a circuit board, connecting and transmitting data throughout the image. I find current technology fascinating in how it can convey information – equally as interesting as the use of text and pictures to tell us something.



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