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....... or, what to do with all those scraps.

I haven’t done any “Serious” work in the studio lately. Yes, quite facetiously, “Serious” with a capital “S”!

The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year always seems to be a studio lull for me. The biggest difference this year is that I made a decision not to beat myself up about it. Just go with it as it happens same time, every year. I think it’s some combination of colder weather and shorter days.

I did make a batch of oven mitts that I showed in the previous blog post. It was fun making something just for fun!

The other constant I have over the winter months is some kind of small “making” project. At least it's something creative happening until I can get Serious again. And it keeps my hands busy during the evening and helps keep me awake while watching TV. Otherwise I conk out too early!

In the past my winter makings have been origami stars. This year I started on a different star project. I actually started making these to be part of a grander concept – a quilt series I thought of doing. I don’t think I’m going to implement that idea, at least not for now.

Nine pointed star1

But I did start making the 9-pointed stars. These are made from fabric scraps that I’ve saved for so many years it’s not funny. Some are larger remnants of fabric, most are teeny bitty scraps. And I’ve kept them and moved them around numerous times over 40+ years, which is crazy.

Nine pointed star3

The simple reason for the 9-pointed stars is that I like to be different. The number “9” also related to the concept of my imagined series of quilts.

        Nine pointed star2 Nine pointed star5

I know I should toss this stuff, but by now I figured if I’ve saved it this long there must be a reason. I think it’s sentiment. There are scraps from dresses and garments I made when I was young. There are fabrics that were parts of quilts I’ve made. There are leftovers from curtains I made for all those apartments I lived in. Some fabrics came from clothing that I would cut up for quilts. I would shop at rummage sales and buy old clothing for the fabric. One of the fabrics came from a blouse my mother wore – how can I throw that away? Some came from my sister – she made things too and would give me her leftover scraps because she knew I liked making patchwork.

Nine pointed star4

I decided if I had saved the fabric this long then I should use it. The stars are 4” finished, so each star point is pretty small. So I can cut the points out, get as much out of each piece of fabric that I can, then finally, throw away the even smaller scraps. Don’t you know that I am having a hard time throwing away the tinier scraps? But I am (mostly).( And I'm only using my older, vintage fabrics. The stars don't include the more recent savings in my stash!)

Nine pointed star6

Do you recognize any of the fabrics from your own stash or history of sewing?

Nine pointed star7

I don’t know what I will eventually do with these stars. Maybe I will do the “grander series” at some point…. maybe. For now I’m just making them. And somehow they will put to use all the fabric that I’ve saved and toted around all these years. They are a way of keeping hold of some of those sentimental memories.

Until next time -

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