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I've spent Labor Day weekend dyeing fabric just for the fun of it. It's a brief diversion from my apron making and show preparation. When I'm having so much fun it doesn't seem like work. Today - Labor Day - I will finish what's in progress by rinsing, washing, and ironing, so I can get back to "work" tomorrow.

I had a few goals in mind when I started the marathon dyeing weekend on Friday. I know that I need some lighter tints of colors that are missing from my collection. I'm working on adding more value contrast to my quilts; I always seem to have dark and mid-range values, but not enough lights. I also was seeking to improve upon several yards I had dyed previously. The color just did not work out and wanted to overdye it by doing a wrapped shibori. I also did a little bit of discharging with bleach. Wow! Talk about being all over the place!

Some of the things I discovered along the way:

  • Shibori_over_greenish_yucky
  • I love the wrapped shibori process and results! What an improvement to that nasty bright-ish yet muddy-ish, greenish, icky-ish fabric that would not have been used otherwise. There are a few more pieces of it that I'll re-do also.
  • I love color (well, I already knew that, but it's still true). The 'tints' I made are still a little too dark in value, so I will try another co-ordinating batch with an even lighter dye recipe. What I learned - and it is ongoing - is how the different dye recipes work, whether in value or various dye combinations. Still gorgeous though - I love the rainbow effect!
  • Fabric_Color_Rainbow
  • Of the new dye powders I ordered recently, I love the Midnight Blue. It's kind of a violet-blue - quite beautiful. Not so much the Sage green, which is rather dull looking to me. So dull in fact, that I'm going to try some shibori over one of those pieces. There are so many greens you can mix yourself it's not really worth it to buy green dye, IMO.
  • Dye 'parfaits' are kind of a crap shoot. You never know what will result from it - part of the fun, really. Sometimes you get really gorgeous colors and combinations and sometimes just a muddy mess. It's worth the gamble.
  • From now on I think I will only order and use Pimatex cotton, which has a tighter weave and smoother finish. I've been using Kona cotton up 'til now. It's nice, but the Pima is nicer.

Later on Mark is going to help me finish constructing the foam board table top so I can start a new painted piece this week. (I'll be mixing many greens for this). Concurrently I'll be making some smaller companion pieces to the apron series.

My mental clock is ticking - four weeks to go! Foot in mouth

Until next time -



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