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  • Circle Gallery Two

    It seems the better part of January has been spent out of the studio rather than in it. My biggest creative endeavor this month has been putting a new coat of paint on the dining room walls. I do love how it looks, but I am so over painting right now! I intend to wrap up that project before I flip the calendar to February. Furniture back in place, dishes and china put away, and then, enjoy - and in February back into the studio full-time.

    In the meantime I'll post another photo gallery of circles - everyday objects from around my house. (You can view the first gallery here)

    Circle10Blog Circle8Blog Circle11Blog

    Circle4Blog Circle13Blog Circle26Blog

    Circle6Blog Circle18Blog Circle16Blog

    Circle25Blog Circle29Blog Circle28Blog

    Circle30Blog Circle33Blog Circle35Blog

    Circle20Blog Circle27Blog Circle24Blog

    Until next time -



  • Circle Gallery

    The circle shape has been a running theme in my quilt art for several years. Why am I fascinated with circles? Perhaps the fascination comes first and the "why" of it comes with time. I do know that I see circles everywhere now. It's like when you buy that flashy red sports car that's made just for you and suddenly it seems that half the world is driving flashy red sports cars.

    Here is a gallery of circles I found on a trip around the house today. They're everywhere!
    (If it ever warms up I'll post a gallery of "outdoor circles".)

    Circle3Blog Circle2Blog Circle14Blog

    Circle9Blog Circle7Blog Circle23Blog

    Circle22Blog Circle19Blog Circle34Blog

    Circle5Blog Circle31Blog Circle32Blog

    Circle21Blog Circle1Blog Circle12Blog

    Circle17Blog Circle15Blog Circle36Blog

    The more I create with circles, the more meaning they have to me. I plan to continue the series for the foreseeable future.

    What motifs or themes recur in your art? Are the motifs or themes there intentionally? Or have you been unaware of their presence or predominance? If you're unsure look at a grouping of your work to see if there's a common element that runs through it. Ask yourself why it's there. Then start working it with intention.

    Until next time -


    P.S. I will continue the circle gallery in my next post. In the meantime, take a look around your home for circles. They're everywhere!

  • Step By Step

    "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going." Earl Knightingale

    The first week of the New Year is winding down and it has been a week of considering my goals for 2011. I'm not one for New Year resolutions any more and I'm seeing that many of my blogging and Facebook friends feel the same way. I guess when we become of a certain age, we realize the futility of resolutions!

    I am a believer in goals however. Setting goals, for me, is an ongoing process. It begins with stating an end result, but the importance is in the daily actions needed to get there. Step by step. Stitch by stitch. Bird by bird.

    The first week of the year has been a time to plan some of my goals for the year ahead. I started by first looking back over my accomplishments for 2010. Seeing them in black and white gives me a perspective on how much I have done in the last twelve months. It can be a real eye-opener and a morale booster! In some cases I didn't reach a specific goal. Writing it out lets me see where I might have fallen short. If I know what I'm dealing with I can create or modify my plan toward improvement.

    Many of my goals for 2011 remain the same. If necessary I'll tweak my process to get better results. Mostly, I just need to stay the course and continue on the daily path...... and get in the studio!

    When I returned to art school in 1999, the above quote was my guiding mantra. I knew what I wanted to accomplish. I had very clear goals - to finish my degree and to get straight A's. With clear objectives in mind, I created the steps to get there: attend every class, do all my homework and projects on time, do all the reading each week, etc. These were actions that I took week after week, semester by semester. My focus was on the process, and somehow, without realizing it, graduation arrived and I had achieved my desired result.

    In doing my annual review, I know where I am going. I hope that you are on a clear path too......

    Now it is time to get back into the studio!

    Until next time -


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