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I've got apron work in varying stages of progress. The 'vintage' piece came off the quilt frame a couple of days ago. The next step is to sew on all the little aprons. I'm thinking up a way to do it by machine because I think hand sewing them will take too long. Time is of the essence!

I'm also setting up a workstation for painting another background for aprons. I confiscated the boys' hobby table, which hasn't been used for hobby-ing in years, but rather been accumulating basement detritus. So I'm claiming it - whoever moves all the crap gets to do what she wants! The fabric I plan to paint is fairly large - a full width of cotton, about 44" x approximately 72", or 2 yards. I'm constructing a surface to accommodate the size that I can lay over the work table surface, which isn't big enough. Mark and I were brainstorming it the other night and he came up with the great idea to use foam core insulation sheets. They are rigid enough to make a table top and to hold the fabric, which isn't heavy, and light enough for me to assemble and lift by myself. I went to Home Depot yesterday to buy the material; the next step is to assemble and cover it to be ready to paint (with thickened dyes, like last time). I will assemble it in such a way that it can be folded up smaller for storage when I'm not using it.

Adding to the multitasking mix, I'm getting ready for a dyeing marathon tomorrow (and maybe extending into the long weekend) with Susan. I've been browsing through the "Fabric Dyer's Dictionary" by Linda Johansen, choosing colors I'd like to dye - both Susan and I are working with a plan this time. It's kind of a diversion from the apron work (which has a deadline, if you haven't been keeping up!), but the weather is good and I want to build a palette of colors to work with over the winter months. Yesterday, in my basement cleaning frenzy, I tidied up the wet studio for "company" - making enough space for two to work and play. Today I'll pre-wash yards and yards of cotton fabric and mix my dye concentrates, in addition to setting up my painting station. I'll try to get in some "apron time" as well.

So much to do! So many ideas! I am loving it!

Until next time -


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