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Metamorphosis Revealed

Metamorphosis has been completed and delivered to TraillWorks Gallery for the current EVOLUTION exhibit. I'm happy to show you the full reveal today.

To see the "evolution" of Metamorphosis you can scroll down through the last six blog posts.

Metamorphosis full blogMetamorphosis  32" x 11"  ©2013 Martha C. Hall

Metamorphosis Flowers blog
Metamorphosis, detail of looped wire flowers  ©2013 Martha C. Hall
(click on image for larger view)

Metamorphosis Leaves blog
Metamorphosis, detail of fabric leaves  ©2013 Martha C. Hall
(click on image for larger view)

You are invited to join me at TraillWorks for the Opening Reception on Saturday, February 23, 2013. I hope to see you there!

Evolution PC blog
TraillWorks Gallery  214 Spring Street  Newton NJ  973-383-1307

Until next time --


Out On A Limb

Last week I went out on a limb. I spontaneously decided to hold an "Open Studio" sale of some of my smaller art at my home.

The idea of a sale came together from several aspects.

First, I have a couple of boxes of wrapped up art pieces – unsold pieces from various gallery and other shows. When a particular show ended I picked up any unsold art and brought it home. Several boxes have been sitting in a corner ever since.

MartArt Gallery view (before)

Go back a bit .....

When I sat with our tax accountant this year, as she gave me that pitying look because my “art business” has red ink dripping all over it, she asked me if I had any “inventory” to write off against said red ink. Hmmmm….. why, yes I do! You know, I never thought in terms of having inventory before. I’m so slow sometimes. My accountant would probably vouch for that.

So with all that inventory neatly packed away in boxes, I got to thinking that I needed to get it all out and visible so I could see what is actually there.


Go back again .....

After two years of living back at home, #1 son moved out to his own place earlier this year. The bedroom he was living in had previously been his brother’s. So now I have random belongings left over from both boys. Stuff they opted not to take with them and, frankly, if I don’t deal with it no one will. Not to mention the dust ..... lots of dust.

So, I want to get all the packed-up art out and visible to see what I have. I want to hang it all up on a wall.
But, I need to clear out and clean up the spare bedroom to make room to hang it and see it.
Then, I’m thinking “Why not have a sale of all this artwork?” I need to sell off my inventory to make way for new artwork.

Alyson Stanfield ran a post last week about fighting complacency in art making and art marketing. It made me think “how can I push myself?” The timing of her post and my clean-up and organizing coincided in a way that I thought “I can make this whole exercise into an art sale.” Why not?

Go back even further .....

I’ve been thinking for at least a year that I want to add an “Artwork For Sale” page to my website. So in addition to blasting my “art sale” out on Facebook, I went ahead and created a sale page on my website. It took me most of a day, but really was not very hard to do. The next step is to hook up my Paypal account to it and add the “Buy Here” buttons, but I’ve taken the first big step.

I ended up doing a lot of things that pushed me past complacency.

Here is an “after” picture of my “Open Studio” sale.

MartArt Gallery view (after)

Yeah… no one came. Like I said, it was a spontaneous decision, not a lot of advance notice or publicity. I could be upset and chagrined and consider it a total failure, but I’m not upset and I consider it a success.

I prefer to see the upside, which is .....

  • I have a clear picture of my recent inventory
  • I clarified my pricing
  • I got the spare bedroom cleaned and organized. I now have even more space for artmaking and for maintaining a gallery wall.

Most importantly….

  • I went out on a limb and suffered no serious damage. As a matter of fact, going out on a limb felt productive and pretty darn good!

Until next time -


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