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Thanks to all the encouragement from last week's blog comments and from Facebook friends I finished my submission for the 25th Anniversary SAQA Trunk Show.

Last week I was gathering all the components. You can see that here.

Here's how the whole piece came together. Click on images for larger pictures.

Background quilted blog

 With my layers together, I first quilt the background.


Quilted detail blog

Quilting detail 


Outlines and stems blog

 After I've auditioned where the flowers will be placed, I satin stitch flower outlines and stems.


Leaves stitched down blog

Leaves are attached with a line of stitching down the center. 


Flowers attached blog

Now I attach the flowers by hand with invisible monofilament thread. 


Pocket Posies back stitchesblog

 Here's a look at the back with all the stitching - before I cover it with a false back. I know people like to see quilt backs, but I like to cover up that mess! To me -- it's not about the back. So here's your last peak.


Pocket Posies back blog

Here's the back of the finished piece. I printed it first with the pertinent information. The edge has a narrow 1/4" binding.


Pocket Posies front blog
ocket Full of Posies 10" x 7"  ©2014 Martha C. Hall
Mixed media textile collage

TA DA! The finished piece.

You might notice I don't watermark all my work. Honestly, you have to be insane to make this sh** and I don't think anyone else besides me is going to do it. And if you do, well.... good luck. I'm already on to the next idea.

If you like to Pin, that's cool. Please give me artist's credit and link back to my website. Thanks!

Oh, and it's Off The Wall Friday - so check out all the doings over at Nina Marie's!

Now to pack this up and mail it to SAQA before the deadline!

Until next time -




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