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My summer has been dedicated to creating new work for a gallery show in October. I work most days of the week, thinking that as long as I keep moving forward and getting some work done every day that I can stave off any panic. So far it's been working. Lots of ideas flowing and coming to fruition. I'm even getting back to a comfortable feeling on the long arm, even though it is not running up to par. There is no time to get it fixed properly at the moment - I need it here for work, so I make it work as is.


After six studio days last week I started to feel the burn. Standing all day makes my lower back hurt. Working the long arm creates tension in my neck and shoulders. I'm trying to remember good technique - relax, breathe, drop my shoulders away from my ears, that kind of thing. By Saturday evening I was feeling kind of like this picture - not so "peppy". Salty and Peppy here are one of the motifs on a vintage kitchen fabric that I'm using in the latest quilt. It cracks me up actually, how unhappy they look. I'm not sure why that is, but it could be significant.

I had planned on quilting again through Sunday, but as it happens I didn't and it turned out to be a much needed break from the constant push. BUT! Today is Monday, the start of a new week, and looking at the start of a new month in two days. I have a feeling that as September progresses that feeling of panic may start to creep up on me. Not to buy trouble or anything, I just know how I can get. I remind myself that I am given the same number of hours in a day as everyone else, that as long as I keep working and making things my progress will be evident. I still have two days of August, though, before I have to face that! So, I'll be working in the studio, ignoring the housework, attempting to fit in a walk here and there, and keeping the panic at bay!

Until next time - MCH

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